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Progress on the Alpha Stage [Halt]

The reason we haven't updated anything still is because we're having some technical difficulties, but we're working hard on this right now. For the time being, be patient, we're almost done, we just need to fix that one error and we're good! 

If anyone wants a little progress on what's going on at the moment, I might as well, give you some clue, right? I ain't that bad.

Bear in mind, this means custom drawn, from Maps to GFX all around.

Kokiri Forest: 99%

Sprites for Kokiri Forest: 98%

 Tiles: 90%

 GUI: 100%

Coding: 98%

 We will continue to update when things come closer to release.

 *NOTE*: Percentages dropping doesn't mean a hold on that specific region, it means more is being added!

Edit on July 21th, 2014 ( 3:40 P.M.)

JuLY Update (as of 21th, 2014)

Thought I left? Thought we quit? Our main programmer had issues with his computer and now we're back. If you want me to say anything at all, I'll tell you this: right now, Male and Females can select their characters and kill enemies alike with their choosing of equipment(yeah, left the sentence like that so you don't know what KIND of equipment) and Kokiri Forest is advancing; we had to make some re-adjustments but it's almost complete. I know it's been forever, but you have to understand, we live in different places and we're free. No Moolah of charge.

Class Sprites are also done. You can relax, everything is going smoothly!

New GUI! More Coding!

More Coding! We're really working hard to bring you a Zelda experience you won't forget!

Do you like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask? I hope you do!

More features have been added. While I could sit here and write what they are, I'm not going to! 

More Tilesets and more coding as usual. Only reason I'm not indulging anyone on the additions is so it stays a secret and something players can enjoy. 



Well, now that I have your attention, I would just like to point out, that since Forms aren't working correctly for me (The Contact Us Section of the damn site) just directly email me or message me at the Inbox if you have any questions regarding.

Again, College is one part of my life which I'm not taking lightly; it's serious. Don't expect fast updates as we're un-payed, and just doing this for the pure fun of it all.

If you have stuck with us for so long, I really thank you, I do. I wish I could post a screenshot, but I just want to surprise you from what's to come. From 2009's OMO to the newest one coming soon... Trust me, it'll be different!

Also, I have cleaned up most of the home menu posts. Some of them are no longer available.


A little teaser for you all just so you know I'm not quitting, made by one of our spriters.

For the new people and people who don't read the Posts...

Yes, I apparently had to make a post right here on the home page because I keep getting questions like "Is this an MMO"? Look at the home page, it's in the banner, the first thing you see when you enter the site, or "Where's the download" I wrote like 2 months ago I took away the download links because I was starting over and not to mention, in the POSTS, it says Server's off, we're in alpha stage and so on... Not hard to read, especially if you got the time to go to the forums, you MUST see the posts even if it's just with the corner of your eye... *sigh* But oh well...


There you go. Alpha Stage is still underway. Not making promises for a release since we've had some small errors before and we're missing some coding here and there. Be patient. I promise you, it'll be worth the wait, even I'm being surprised myself...



Welcome to Ocarina Memories Online!

Ocarina Memories Online is a free MMORPG.  It was created by Ria (FirestormRman) and Nick (Nickpop123).  

This MMORPG actually has a story!  You can relive some great moments from both The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (both of these were created by Nintendo, not us (duh))!  Many of the items, enemies, and areas from those games are (and will be) included in the game.

Please note that Ocarina Memories Online (or as we call it: OMO) is still being created.  Many dungeons and items are yet to be completed.  But rest assured, the staff is working hard on it! 

 For a guide to getting started, go here.


OMO DX is made by Riamous, LucasFord and Nick; we are always opened to ideas and suggestions so feel free, but, post them on the forums we noted above. We're not dead, we just have busy days with school work and such. Come join us whenever possible for chatting, fun, and adventure.


~Riamous, LucasFord and Nick

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